Cat Boarding Dawsonville

The #1 Choice for Cat boarding in Dawsonville and surrounding areas!

If you need to leave town for a few days or simply want to provide a great experience for your pet, then it is essential to find the right cat boarding service.

At Country Home Kennels in Dawsonville, Ga., we love taking care of pets the way that an owner would.

We Have Top-notch Kennels

While you are away having fun on a vacation, your pet can spend time with us while enjoying fun activities. Our kennels are clean, safe and attractive locations for your pet. Your pet will have a relaxing day being pampered with the amenities that you choose. Cats have their own private room with spacious cat condos.  They also have access to walk around the cat room under supervision. Cat boarding by our kennel is a great way to make sure that your pet is healthy and happy while you are away.

Providing Great Pet Food

When your pet is hungry, we make sure an animal receives the best types of food.

Offering Care for Dogs In Addition to Cats

While some cat boarding facilities won’t accept dogs, at Country Home Kennels, we also have boarding services for dogs, making us an excellent choice when you have multiple pets that require attention. Contact us today to learn more about our pet boarding services in Dawsonville and surrounding locations.